Too Many Irons in the Fire

Today, we have another idiom that comes to us from the blacksmithing world.  It is especially appropriate at this time of year, both as a student wrapping up the end of a semester and with Christmas quickly approaching.  It is easy to get Too Many Irons in the Fire.
It means having too many things to do at the same time.  It comes from blacksmiths putting bars of iron in the fire to get them hot enough to work with.  The smith has to be aware of the status of the iron.  If he or she has too many to keep track of, it could be a big problem. 

As you can see, having too many irons in the fire can lead to catastrophe ...  or lead to at the very least burning the candle at both ends, being dog tired, or  hitting the wall.  ;)

Until tomorrow ...

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