Anyone who has studied a foreign language knows that the idioms are the hardest part.  They do not make sense.  This blog was inspired by the international students I go to school with.  Even when I try my hardest, inevitably an idiom will come out.  (You have no idea how many idioms that I had to censor while writing this!)  I started announcing it as "The Idiom of the Day."

After a while, people were coming to me to explain idioms that they were "picking up on the street."  Then I was inspired.  Why just help people one-by-one when I can help a community?

That is how "And Today's Idiom Is..." was born.  I will try to use ones that come up in daily life.  If you have any that you want to know about, please leave a comment.  It will likely be featured in a future post.

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