Backhanded Compliment

I was replying to a comment in a post, and I referenced a backhanded compliment. It is when what someone may say that sounds like a compliment due to tone of voice, word choice, and body language. However, it is really an insult intended to make the recipient feel bad. It gives the appearance of being friendly when it really is the opposite.
The "backhanded" part comes from the disguised nature of the insult. If someone is hit with the back of a hand (also known as being backhanded), it is harder to see it coming. It likely will be a surprise. Backhanded itself can refer to anything that is insincere, malicious, or has back intent.

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  1. I like this and can remember people doing it. You can see the victim subconsciously hit by body language like you say. Sad part is its so smooth they dont consciously recognize what has happened. Like ur posts! Im a fan!! Hope to see more!