For the Record

For the Record might be more of a metaphor than an idiom, but it could still be confusing.  There are several different instances where this phrase would be used literally.  If someone was making a recording, it might be for a record.  (It's what we "old folk" used to play before CDs, mp3s, or iPods. lol)

If it is a sporting event or something, they might want to do it for the record, meaning that they have done it the best, the fastest, or the most often in a particular category.  (Like the number of goals in in a football/soccer game)  It might be a witness or someone accused of a crime who talks to the police or their lawyer who tells their story for the record.  And lastly, it might be a celebrity that was in a scandal who wants to tell their side of the story to a journalist for the record.

It is this last case that is probably closest to the use of this phrase in casual conversation (like in my last blog post).  I wanted to make sure that everyone knew for the record, as if I had sat down with a journalist, that getting up early in the morning is difficult for me.  But let me add, that I can do it if I have to, but breakfast doesn't qualify. lol

See you tomorrow with You Snooze; You Lose, which, under the circumstances, seems quite fitting!

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