Picking It Up on the Street

No, picking it up on the street is not an explanation of how you found $20 while walking home from the metro station.  This time we're talking about lessons learned outside of the classroom or through books.  It is learned from real life experiences out in the real world.
Very often, it refers to people who could not afford to go to school, so they received their education in another way.  Related idioms include being street-smart, and the school of hard knocks

Another meaning for picking it up on the street is when children learn things from their friends or acquaintances instead of from their parents or teachers.  This information is usually wrong.  Very often this applies to sex-education.  Parents and teachers want to teach children the truth or the best way to handle it before they pick it up on the street.

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  1. What about the "School of Rock"? I'd definitely enroll in that.