Driving Me Bananas

For my first post, it only seems right to talk about the phrase Driving Me Bananas.  It is inspired by a day when I was talking with three of my international friends, and I was being as careful as possible to not use any words that would be confusing, especially idioms.  Then, to my horror, I said that something was "driving me bananas," and I knew that I had failed.

Driving Me Bananas = Making Me Crazy

Another idiom that means the same thing is driving me nuts.   Basically, the reason for "driving" is being transported without your consent or against your will.  I have no idea about the fruit and nuts reference.

Questions?  Leave me a comment.  Not sure about a different idiom?  Leave me a comment.  It is likely that I will talk about it in a future post.


  1. Makes me think of this famous japanese rock star playing the banana man. He may just drive this woman bananas.

  2. Tempe: That was so funny! I had to watch it several times to figure it all out. LOL